Our Story

What is Democracy in Color?

Democracy in Color is transforming American politics by focusing attention on the voting power of people of color. Our analysis and commentary will encourage campaigns to direct resources to new battleground states, where people of color are becoming the majority. 2016 will be a bellwether election season and there’s no better time to unapologetically ask Democrats, “Is your democracy in color?”

Why now?

American politics is ready for a change. Our recent Fannie Lou Hamer report pointed to the stunning lack of diversity in Democratic Party spending, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The political establishment has been slow to evolve and adapt to the changing demographics in America — and thus the Democratic Party has not effectively engaged with and authentically represented the diversity of voters.

There is a new electoral majority in America, the New American Majority, comprised of a progressive, multiracial population. The results of the 2010 Census confirmed what is becoming increasingly evident in our communities - People of Color are rapidly approaching majority status in the United States. There are currently 26 states that now have at least 19% people of color.

In elections, however, America’s diverse communities have not fully recognized their collective power to make change in politics — largely because the Democratic Party and the media still relies heavily on the deeply misguided assumption that white swing voters matter most of all in American politics. That simply isn’t true and Democracy in Color will set out to change the game in 2016.

What We Do

Democracy in Color is changing the face of politics to reflect the hopes and aspirations of the multiracial New American Majority in four ways:

Provide fresh analysis and perspective to focus on the voting power of communities of color. Our data, stories, and sources will enrich coverage and analysis of the Presidential contest, big Senate races, and statewide matchups.

Connect people. The New American Majority is a multiracial community that has been siloed and downgraded to soundbites and generic talking points by the media and the Democratic Party. Drawing on the power of online organizing, Democracy in Color will work to connect, empower, and amplify the collective political power of the New American Majority.

Hold campaigns accountable to their spending. With the support of partners and individuals, we will release reports highlighting the spending practices of key 2016 presidential, Senate and House races. Additionally, inspired by our Fannie Lou Hamer Report, we will create tools and resources for Democratic Party activists and donors to make sure their state and party diversify their campaign spending.

Introduce Brown is the New White to the broader progressive and political community. Steve Phillips’ book, Brown is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority (The New Press, Feb 2016), will ignite the conversation around racial politics in America and explain why the New American Majority is the answer to preserving a Democratic, progressive future for our country.