DIY Audits

Our 2014 Fannie Lou Hamer Report revealed that fewer than 2% of major Democratic Party committee spending was directed to consultants of color with the expertise to effectively engage the New American Majority. We only have to point to significant Democratic Party losses to say things must change as the voting base and politics move to a new era. People of color are more than 40% of the Democratic Party voters. The party must change the way it spends money and the way it engages communities of color.

Our report was a good starting place, but together we must do more to uncover party spending at all levels. Here, we offer guidance to conduct your own audit of party structures. State party spending is a good place to start, and it’s worth noting that the Democratic Governors’ Association and the Democratic National Committee were not included in our first report because data was difficult to find.

Use the process and links below to do your own research, and compile the results. We hope you will share your findings with us at